Certified Teachers

Vanessa Al Achkar

General Manager
My job is to make Milestones experience as fascinating as possible. By motivating the teacher's and creating a safe and healthy environment for the kids.

Ihsan El Yaman

English Teacher (3-4 age Group)
When I first started teaching, it was not my profession but I chose it specifically and I'm very happy that I made this decision. Being around the kids not only help me guide them, but makes me a better person for that I learn from them the smallest and happiest things in life. I started my journey with Milestones a short time ago but I really like it and this brightens my mood to give the kids all the care and attention they want in order to develop their skills. Being their English teacher is what I do but them being my extraordinary children is what I seek.

Aya El Ahmadieh

English Teacher (2-3 Age Group)
Teaching is not just a profession it's also discovering the true happiness in growing up with little talents, that no one knows what they might become one day. And i love the unexpected events that happen throughout the day it's something to look forward to.

Bayan Tarras

English Teacher (3-4 Age Group)
The colorful musical world of biology,the vibrancy of flowers,the harmony of fish ,and the melody of birds showed me the passion I aspire. Passion is ones full grasp of the beauty around.If we learn how to mine passion,we prosper and realize our deepest talents. Driven by this passion,I chose to become an educator.A person who enjoys radiating what she knows aiming to guide these little angles through life.Life with all its challenges and adventures...

Nadia Zoughbi

French Teacher (2-3 Age Group)
Être en contact avec les tout-petits est pour moi un amour fou. Recevoir des câlins et voir leurs yeux briller sont ma plus grande récompense. Mais le plus important c’est que sont eux, ces tout petits héros qui nous apprennent plein de choses.

Zainab Khayat

English teacher (1-2 Age group)
"It takes a big heart to teach little minds" this quote inspires me as a good teacher that children won't forget . It also inspires to teach the future generation. Even though I might face difficulties and challenges everyday with children,I chose not to give up and bring out the best of them during their learning experiences. I chose this profession as a teacher and dedicated myself to love children and be entrusted with their care. But the most important for me as a teacher is that I learn from the children of the future.