I Baby

Ages : 12 to 18 Months

This sensitive age is recognised as a window of opportunity for learning. Knowledge cannot be taught, but rather acquired by the surrounding environment.
This class is designed to enable infants to:

  • Enhance locomotion skills by focusing on material that requires hands, eyes, legs and body coordination.
  • Acquire language and by constant communication, verbal (English and French) and bodily (sign language).
  • Develop and define their senses

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I Explore

Ages : 18 Monthes to 3 Years

The main tasks facilitators is to help toddlers to be independent in everything they do.
We focus on all the tiny details that constitute their daily tasks:
  • Getting Dressed
  • Eating Neatly
  • Maintain own Hygiene
Continuous observation and guidance run all through their day at Milestones.

A system of documentation including assessment and improvement is applied for the best experience.
We want our kids to have the freedom, with limits, to make their choices.

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I Imagine

Ages : 3 Years to 6 Years

What is amazing and critical at this stage is the tendency of the children to socialize and to define their personalities.

It is the thirst to explore their potentials compared to others coupled with adaptation to the surrounding community.

The activity they are engaged in and with whom it is carried away defines who they are and fuel their quest for perfection.

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I Learn/Do

Ages : 6 Years to 12 Years

Kids are able to handle themselves well in their environment.

They can communicate and act freely and responsibly. They are independently interacting with everything around them.

Abstract concepts such as finishing a drawing, crafting an item or designing a plan of action, is what comes next.

At Milestones, we believe that this shift from the sensory world to the abstract world should be carefully mentored by specialized experts in their fields.

It is this intellectual and moral awakening that puts the child on the right path to success.

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