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Welcome to Milestones Child Development Center

The Milestone Child Development Center will take your child adventuring. Our thoughtfully-designed classrooms encourage curiosity. We fill each room with engaging activities and let children lead the way. And since every activity is rooted in science, your child will grow—no matter which adventure they choose.

The learning curve of every child is a step-by-step process that the infant takes in from day one. Every encounter, experience, sound and color, affect the child in a special way. At Milestones, we make sure to expose the infants to all the needed learning opportunities to prepare them for life.

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What We Offer

Respecting the children and providing them with the freedom to interact with the environment and each other is the basis of our classrooms. We provide the choice to all children to learn independently without interruption or with each other in a flexible educational and joyful environment.


Children develop their own potential and build confidence to become independent lifelong learners

Learning by Doing

Learning is child-centered and focused on hands on learning to inspire creativity and joy of discovery.

Mixed Age Groups

Mixing age groups will allow kids to naturally teach and be taught by their peers who have different abilities and skills.

Freedom with Limits

The freedom is limited through the design of the classroom, from low open shelves, ordered activities and child friendly work spaces.

Make Free Choices

Kids are free to choose the activities from a well prepared environment to maximize their learning process.

Intristic Motivation

Extrinsic rewards are avoided while intrinsic motivation that comes from within the kids is encouraged. Intrinsic motivation is a drive to action that is rewarded by accomplishing the task itself.

Observation & Documentation

Observing the child from a scientific and objective perspective is to assess the child’s abilities and work towards achieving an inner need.

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