#2 Tasting activities for toddlers

In this video, you're going to watch tasting activities we practice with our kids at Milestones preschool. To refine children's gustatory sense, we practice tasting activities using Montessori materials such as the tasting bottles to differentiate tastes.


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Vanessa Al Achkar

Early Childhood Specialist and Childcare Supervisor
My job is not only teaching french and giving the kids all the care they deserve but also to make each parent feel the secure atmosphere and be proud of our team.

I can tell that I'm a multitasker, filled with positive energy always, especially when I'm next to the kids.

My work is my passion, and it’s where I spend a huge effort knowing that in return I'll see my class’s success and my children’s improvements.

I call them “my children” because their success is mine. I give each one of them the same love, but teach them based on their capacities and their needs after observing their strengths and weaknesses.


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